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Rental Conditions

You need to have at least 20 years, even if you are under 25, you will apply a surcharge of 5.00 € / day and will be compulsory to secure ALL RISK. In the rental of all types of vehicles, the tenant must hold a driving license at least two years old for either group.
They can only drive the vehicle persons included in the contract and authorized to do so drivers.
You can book by phone or e-mail, but we will give you the booking confirmation.
From the moment that you have made the booking of rental, is reserved for you, no one else pudiendolo rent. (NOT ENTITLED TO REFUND GIVEN TO RESERVE ACCOUNT).
In case of unavailability of the reserved vehicle, you will be given one of the same group or higher.
To pay the service must be made by cash or credit card.
ALL RATES INCLUDE: 300 km / day, if performed more than 300 km / day € 0.15 / km will be charged. VAT INCLUDED.
You can not smoke inside vehicles, under any circumstances (windows down, open doors, etc. etc.) In the event that you have smoked in the vehicle, not the deposit paid will be refunded.
Deliveries and Returns vehicle, upon confirmation shall be at tel. 973 777 444 or 608.84.94.32.
Insurance included in the price, is a THIRD or ALL RISK (supplement € 5.00/day for touring and 10.00 €/day for Vans and Suv), with excess of € 600.00 for cars, for vans and Suv, (this means you, to rent a vehicle, a security deposit to cover possible damages up to that amount).
By hiring the insurance THIRD, the lessee liable for any damage to the vehicle until completely repair. (Does not cover broken windows).
Purchasing the full insurance, the lessee must pay for the damage caused to the vehicle up to the amount of the franchise.
In case of loss or damage caused to the rented vehicle repair thereof, shall be managed in-house, according varemos and tariffs on appraisals guide.
You will be responsible for the smooth operation of the vehicle as well as the faithful performance of duty or negligence.
The insurance does not cover damage caused by negligence or carelessness of the driver. Non-accidental failure or damage to the goods transported or loss thereof, are excluded from insurance coverage.
Insurance does not cover the following points:
• Punctures (the repair of the tires will be borne by the client, in case of using the emergency kit it will have to be paid)
• Damage caused to third parties by negligence or reckless driving.
• Damage caused to the vehicle by negligence.
• Report wrong fuel.
• Damage to tires or tires.
• Breakage of glass, by leaving valuables or keys inside the vehicle (only incidental impacts will be covered).
• Lost or broken keys or remotes.
• Damage to the locks.
• damaged or dirty upholstery and interiors (the deposit paid will not be refunded).
• In the event that you have smoked in the vehicle, the deposit paid) will not be refunded.
• Damage or loss of the antenna, car jack, security triangles, glass, windshield wiper reservoir cap, extinguisher, vest, documentation, etc.
• Damage to the engine due to negligence.
• Damage to the underbody.
• Damage from misuse of the clutch.
• Theft of the vehicle with the keys in the ignition.
• Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

You can not tow any vehicle of any kind, with your rental car.
RENTALG, delivery vehicles in perfect condition, still, if you have any problems with your vehicle, call 608.84.94.32, and will attend and solve your problem in the best and fastest way possible.
Or in case of breakdown or accident to your roadside assistance 24 h. day.
All vehicles are air conditioned.
Our daily rental rates considered as the period of 24h. which begins at the start of the rental. We understand that sometimes there are circumstances that cause a delay in the return of the vehicle, and thus add a grace period of one hour. If the vehicle is returned once this grace period, you will incur an additional cost extra day.
Vehicles can be rented and returned, every day of the week, after confirmation: or telephone: 608.84.94.32 Carlos.

Logically we deliver the car ready to enjoy and with a full tank of fuel, so it must provide the vehicle with a full tank of fuel (MUST BE ATTACHED THE RECEIPT OF FILLING), otherwise we will charge the difference to your account .
Vehicles are not allowed to travel or Africa or Eastern European countries to other countries is imprescidible permission of our company.
You can not claim the early return of the vehicle. From the moment that you have retired and therefore paid the rent this vehicle, it is reserved for you, not being able to rent it to anyone else. (YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO RETURN THE AMOUNT).
You can not bring pets or any other animal. (In case you observe inside the vehicle animal hair or any other stains, not the deposit paid will be refunded).
You can not attach stickers or publicity in the vehicle, as the adhesive residue left in the place where you have pasted. (In the event that any indication have set some kind of adhesive note, not the deposit paid will be refunded).
You can not carry toxic or flammable substances, animals, unauthorized products or violate the laws in force. If vehicle restraint by the authorities during the transport of these substances or animal, shall be borne by the tenant relocation costs of vehicle repair, cleaning, and the payment of the rental vehicle to Pick-date on our premises.

Note.- always and in any case the lessee will respond if you have made a prohibited vehicle use, also in case of negligence, for committing crimes, misdemeanors or administrative offenses.
In case of violation of this condition the lessee shall bear the expenses for moving the vehicle and pay a sum as compensation for vehicle immobilization:
-The Tenant agrees to pay the lessor the costs of not returning the car in the same condition that you received it.
-The Tenant is liable to the landlord for any damage occurred in the vehicle during the rental period, partial or total theft of the same or damage arising from contractual breaches.
It -Responderá the lessee for breach of any provision regulations committed during the term of the contract, especially traffic offenses. Shall be borne by the tenant and those costs actually paid by the administrative tasks that must assume the landlord because of the requirements of the authorities as a result of the commission of an offense or crime.
If deposit is delivered: The amount paid as deposit will be applied to this end

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Assistance to vehicles 24h
All our vehicles have assistance 24 hours, included in the price.
Book online or call
The booking can be done via web, e-mail or phone.
Collection and Delivery
Delivery or collection is available in Alguaire Airport, the AVE station or at our facilities.
From 300 Km per day
The price of the vehicle is included performing 300 kms. daily.
Confidence vehicles
All our vehicles pass periodic reviews in our workshops.
Variety of models to choose
Several brands and models to choose the vehicle that best suits your needs.
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