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2016-12-15 We equip all vehicles with snow wheels
In winter seasons, RENTALG delivers all vehicles already equipped with contact wheels, also called winter tires, to enjoy snow areas with total reliability and without the use of chains. You will always rent the vehicle equipped with snow tires (contact wheels), to enjoy the snowy mountains and ski resorts.
In some European countries winter tires are mandatory under certain conditions, mostly related to weather conditions or with a specific period, however according to which countries is prohibited the use of chains, so it is mandatory to use tires Winter or contact.
In Spain, snow or winter tires are a legal alternative to chains, according to the General Vehicle Regulations, based on Royal Decree 2822/1998, dated December 23.
2016-04-10 Expansion of fleet with 4x4 vehicles
You can rent a 4x4 vehicle to go to the Alps or any mountain area of your choice, in total safety and grip with your winter tires, ideal for snow areas like ski resorts, mountain passes, etc.
2016-06-30 Expansion of fleet with passenger cars of 9 seats
Rent a minivan of 6, 7 or 9 places to make a family or group getaway, to be able to go to areas of snow like Valle de Aran, Pyrenees, Andorra, Alps, etc. With our snow tires, with total comfort and enjoy the snowy mountains.

Our Services

Assistance to vehicles 24h
All our vehicles have assistance 24 hours, included in the price.
Book online or call
The booking can be done via web, e-mail, fax or phone.
Collection and Delivery
Delivery or collection is available in Alguaire Airport, the AVE station or at our facilities.
From 300 Km per day
The price of the vehicle is included performing 300 kms. daily.
Confidence vehicles
All our vehicles pass periodic reviews in our workshops.
Variety of models to choose
Several brands and models to choose the vehicle that best suits your needs.

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