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Rental Furgo Caravanes

ALL VEHICLES INCLUDE 300 kms/day, if more than 300 kms/day are carried out, € 0.15/km will be charged.
All fines will be derived from the client and € 35 will be charged for notifying traffic who is the driver of the rented vehicle. - IT IS NOT PERMITTED TO SMOKE OR CARRY ANIMALS OF ANY KIND INSIDE THE VEHICLES -
Deposit with All Risk Insurance (with franchise): 300,00€
Deposit with Third Party Insurance: 300,00€ Cars - 600,00€ Suv or Vans

Safe ALL RISK supplement:
Cars: € 5.00/day with a € 300.00€ deposit
Vans or 4x4: € 10.00/day with a 600,00€ deposit

You need to be over 20 years for a rental.
Driving Permit not less than two years.
For under 25 Supplement 5 €/day.

Our Services

Assistance to vehicles 24h
All our vehicles have assistance 24 hours, included in the price.
Book online or call
The booking can be done via web, e-mail or phone.
Collection and Delivery
Delivery or collection is available in Alguaire Airport, the AVE station or at our facilities.
From 300 Km per day
The price of the vehicle is included performing 300 kms. daily.
Confidence vehicles
All our vehicles pass periodic reviews in our workshops.
Variety of models to choose
Several brands and models to choose the vehicle that best suits your needs.
Guaranteed website
See certificate
Quality control
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